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Frequently Asked Questions by Stoystown Auto Sales Customers

After purchasing a vehicle can it be driven off the lot?

No, a vehicle cannot be driven directly off Stoystown Auto Sales lot due to having a salvage title. The vehicle will have to be completely repaired and have met all requirements for an enhanced vehicle safety inspection.

What is a salvage title?

A salvage title is a vehicle that does not meet the inspection and vehicle equipment criteria. Also, the vehicle is not drivable or inoperable.

What is an enhanced vehicle safety inspection?

An enhanced vehicle safety inspection requires the vehicle to be repaired to the initial operating condition as intended by the vehicle manufacture. Although, please check with your local state laws outside of Pennsylvania.

Does Stoystown Auto Sales offer an enhanced vehicle safety inspection?

No, we do not offer the enhanced vehicle safety inspection. Please ask a sales specialist and they can provide you with a list of enhanced safety inspection stations in your area.

Does Stoystown Auto Sales repair vehicles?

No, Stoystown Auto Sales does not offer any repairs to vehicles. When purchasing a vehicle it's sold "AS IS."

Does Stoystown Auto Sales offer financing?

No, we do not directly but ask a sales specialist and he can refer you to a local credit union or institution.

Is there any warranty on a salvage title?

Vehicles sold from Stoystown Auto Sales are sold "AS IS" therefore NO warranty.

Does Stoystown Auto Sales ship vehicles?

No, we do not ship vehicles. Although, we do deliver vehicles locally, but there is a fee. Please consult with a sales specialist at time of purchase.

Are all the parts listed with vehicles, the only parts required for the vehicle to be repaired?

Honestly, it depends on the vehicle. Please contact a sales specialist for an exact list of parts that are required for the vehicle to be completely repaired.

Why do insurance companies total vehicles?

The requirements for a vehicle to be "totaled" depends on your insurance company. Different insurance companies may have different rules or regulations. It may depend on the actual cash value after the damaged has occurred, resale value, if the repair cost surpasses the vehicles value, etc.

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