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Company History

Stoystown Auto For almost 70 years Stoystown Auto Wreckers has provided quality parts at reasonable prices. Stoystown Auto Wreckers sold rebuildable vehicles for a number of years. The ownership and management team decided that the inherent value in a reasonably priced vehicle was at such high demand that a separate facility was needed. That demand resulted in Stoystown Auto Sales.

Rebuildable vehicles are the result of insurance companies determining the cost of repairing a vehicle involved in a collision is more than the value of the vehicle. These vehicles are remarketed by the insurance company under a salvage certificate. Our Salvage experts rehabilitate the vehicles from a salvage certificate to a rebuildable title. We purchase 99% of our vehicles from salvage pools from all the major insurance companies. We strive to provide you with all the information you need to restore a vehicle to pre-accident condition. It is our goal that you as a customer have a great experience and recognize the value in buying salvage vehicles.